Time Capsule Part 3

Kendra Barber
3 min readApr 6, 2021


For the third part of the project, we were tasked with creating an entire story, based in the year 2145, where the current inhabitants of earth just found our time capsule. I decided to go with a two-page comic book style story to help capture the ideas that I had for my items and my time capsule.

Story Board:

When thinking about creating my time capsule, I had created a mood board based off of my items, and the board I ended up making had a very dark mood, and I wanted my story to fit that as well. What I expect the world to look like in 124 years is desolate and abandoned. I fear that with the way society is run now, along with the effects humans have had on the environment, I definitely don’t see a society functioning how it does today.

I started pulling images that fit my ideas, and using them to start envisioning an environment that I could place my story in.

From there, I started sketching to create a story board, and I came up with an entire plot for the story:

Exposition: The intro, back story of what has happened

Rising Action: Spotting something in the window

Climax: Finding the capsule

Falling Action: What happens when its in his possession

End: What comes next

Final Comic:


This part of the project was actually really fun. I’ve never created any kind of comic before, so this was definitely new to me. But I thought it was interesting watch how my initial ideas transformed from the story board, and then to the final comic. And I think that I was definitely able to get my entire story across.



Kendra Barber

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