Time Capsule — Part 2

Kendra Barber
4 min readMar 30, 2021


The second part of this project was to create an actual time capsule model based off of the items we chose to put inside.

In order to start coming up with ideas on how I wanted the capsule to look, I thought it would be a good idea to start mapping out characteristics of the items I chose, along words associated with each item.

From there, I started a mood board based off of the characteristics I pulled together. Some words I focused on were:

Timeless. Black. Dark. Intense. Reflection. Strength. Red. Fantasy.

I put together images I thought I could possibly pull ideas from, and used them as a basis for a theme. Which would, in turn, help with the look and feel of the capsule itself. All of my items together created a very dark mood, and I wanted my time capsule to be a reflection of that.

Next came the sketching. I wanted my capsule to fit this “aesthetic” that I created with the mood board. So I started drawing using ideas of items that I thought would fit, and then I would adjust it from there.

I came up with three main ideas, which each fit the aesthetic I created based off of my items.

  1. A terrarium inspired capsule
  2. A birdcage inspired capsule
  3. A crystal ball/snow globe inspired capsule

I settled upon a crystal ball/ snow globe mash up of a time capsule. Crystal balls are beautiful within themselves, and usually sit upon an elegant stand. Snow globes usually come with items displayed inside of them, and have the added effect of confetti raining down when you shake them. I thought this idea would be perfect because the items I chose are all beautiful within themselves, and deserved to be captured that way.

The base would be black and red, to match the black and red vinyl and book. Inside the globe, at the bottom, will sit the vinyl record. Propped up against the back of the globe will be the book, opened to my favorite story. And nested right at the front will be my crystals, creating an art piece within themselves. I also thought a good idea would be to add a music box feature, like how some jewelry boxes have. And when you wind it up, the music from the vinyl inside will play. It then becomes not just a display piece, but an interactive one as well, while keeping everything safe inside.

I used Spline to start creating the 3d model of the capsule. I’ve never used this program before, but I thought it was kind of interesting to see my drawings start to “come to life.”


This second part of the project was definitely a learning experience. Using a new program always comes with its challenges, but I think it’s necessary to step outside of your comfort zone every once in a while. I underestimated how hard creating a 3d model would be, but I think I did a good job for it being my first time. And I feel like I was able to capture my original drawing in a 3d form. The overall process was fun, and I think that I will definitely try to implement using some kind of 3d technology in my future projects.



Kendra Barber

graphic designer @ a fin tech startup, grad student @ nyu, aspiring uxe